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Strukturformel von Bisphenol S

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What is BPS?

Bisphenol S is used as an additive in the production of epoxy resins, thermal paper and corrosion protection products.

For a long time, bisphenol A (BPA) often served as such an agent. In recent years, people have learned more about the endocrine and the hormone-like, properties and various other harmful effects of bisphenol A. This has led to a growing awareness of its harmful effects on our health.

In response to this, many companies started to avoid using bisphenol A. It was also banned in the EU in various areas. In order to replace the substance, some analogous compounds were used instead of bisphenol A, partly without testing the harmful effects of the substitutes beforehand. This also includes bisphenol S (BPS).

Why is BPS harmful?

In 2012, the EU classified BPS as an endocrine disruptor. It can cause hormonal changes if they get into the body. Among other things, they are said to promote the development of breast and prostate cancer and negatively influence fertility.

Recent findings suggest that BPS is even more harmful than the banned BPA. So, although BPS acts in a different way, it has similar effects to BPA. In addition, BPS is said to cause greater damage on the reproductive system than BPA.

What can be done to minimise the burden of BPS?

More and more manufacturers forgo using BPS in the production of their products to protect both people and the environment. As a consumer, you can look out for certificates and labels such as „bisphenol S free“ or „BPS free“. This makes it easier for you to avoid buying products that contain BPS.

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