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Person bivouacking

Packing list: bivouacking


Bivouacking entails sleeping outside without a shelter. In other words, sleeping directly under the stars. For some, the thought of sleeping outside and potentially having creatures crawl over them whilst sleeping sounds like a nightmare, for others, bivouacking represents complete freedom.

Here’s a list of what you’ll need for your bivouacking trip:


Sleeping and eating

Other essentials

Optional (depending on the type of trip and time of year)

If there’s space left in your backpack

When packing for a bivouacking trip, you’ll need to consider the time of year, the duration of your trip, the terrain and the weight of your gear.

Especially when bivouacking in winter, you’ll need to bring a reliable sleeping bag along with you. Another good tip is to use your water bottle as a hot water bottle when the temperatures drop.

In addition to the aforementioned items, don’t forget to bring your gear for your daily activities, such as your climbing equipment or mountaineering equipment.

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