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A buyer's guide to rain covers

A buyer’s guide to rain covers


A buyer's guide to rain covers
What to consider when buying a rain cover for your pack.

Ever head out on a trip and run into rain? No worries, we’ve all been there. It can be extremely frustrating, especially when rain seeps into your pack because you forgot to cover it up like the rest of you. What may seem like a minor mistake on the face of it can have pretty major consequences: All your clothes, electronics, maps and other important items can get completely soaked and perhaps even ruined. In order to prevent such a catastrophe taking place, we recommend taking a rain cover with you everywhere you go, regardless of where your are outside – be it the mountains, the hills or on your bike.

Since constant weather changes are the bane of an outdoorsman’s existence, having sufficient protection is extremely important.

Backpacks with integrated rain covers

A buyer's guide to rain covers
Exped – Rain Cover

High-quality backpacks usually come with an integrated rain cover that has small pack size and its own designated compartment. When needed, you can simply pull it out, wrap it around the entire pack and tighten it using a bungee. Of course, a rain cover isn’t designed to cover up the straps or the back panel. Otherwise, it would be pretty uncomfortable. This still keeps the backpack protected from rain, though. They’re made of waterproof synthetic fabric that forces water to bead up and roll off the surface of the fabric.

Dimensions and volume

If your backpack doesn’t have an integrated rain cover, we highly recommend getting yourself one before you head out on your trip. And, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the one recommended by the manufacturer of your backpack. Other models from other brands work just as well. You just have to make sure that the cover is compatible with dimensions and – most importantly – the volume of your backpack. So, before buying a rain cover, find out how many litres of volume your backpack has.

Rain covers with reflectors for better visibility

A buyer's guide to rain covers
Stay safe with a reflective rain cover

In addition to waterproof and protective properties, a rain cover should also have reflective elements. This is especially important for cyclists and runners who are often forced to take city roads. True, most backpacks do have reflectors, but keep in mind: As soon as you put a rain cover over your backpack, they’re no longer visible. Your best bet is to find a rain cover not only with reflectors but in a bright colour as well. That way, it’ll be hard for others to miss you in poor visibility. And, as we all know, visibility is always low in rainy conditions.

A rain cover with a small pack size

Since your rain cover will usually be stowed away in your pack and only used when it rains, it’s important for it to have a small pack size. Only then can you pack it down nice and small and take it with you wherever you go. That said, you need a rain cover that is foldable. But, make sure the material is made in such a way so that no wrinkles, kinks or cracks form when you fold it because all of these could have a negative impact on the windproof and waterproof properties of the fabric.

Once you’ve found a rain cover that fits your backpack, you can head out on your adventure without having to worry about the weather conditions or any potential weather changes. If it does rain, all you’ll have to do is pull your rain cover over your backpack and you’ll be good to go! It’s so quick and easy. It hardly takes more than 2 minutes! With a quality rain cover and high-quality waterproof clothing, you’ll have the best protection money can buy for the great outdoors, regardless of whether you’re walking or cycling.

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